see you in ABERDEEN!

Aberdeen, South Dakota is where pheasant hunting memories are created that will last a lifetime. Come experience the rush of pounding wings, bright skies, and the cackle of roosters as they explode into the sky. Memorable wing shooting experiences await!

Aberdeen has some of the best pheasant hunting you will find anywhere in the nation, and typically leads South Dakota in the number of birds harvested year after year. When you arrive in Aberdeen you will see hunting is a tradition; it’s not always about the birds. It’s about starting traditions, comradery and making memories. Our businesses roll out the “orange carpet” showing their midwestern hospitality to welcome our hunters.

Aberdeen is routinely featured on programs like Pheasants Forever TV, Outdoor Channel, Due North Outdoors, The Flush, Backroads with Ron and Raven, Gary Howey Outdoorsman Adventures, Minnesota Bound, Wildlife Pursuit TV, Focus Outdoors, Jason Mitchell Outdoors, and Midwest Outdoors. We pride ourselves on having over 250,000 acres of public land and more than 420,000 acres of private hunting land. There is plenty of room for all hunters to bag their limit.

There are several hotels in Aberdeen as well as campgrounds and hunting lodges throughout the area to accommodate hunters. For a listing of lodging or for more information check our website: or call 1-800-645-3851. We hope to see you in Aberdeen!