Journey to a place where the mountains rise from the sea and an ancient volcano waits patiently to be explored. A place where the air is clean, the water clear, and thick forests flourish in foggy valleys. Accessible by air or state ferry, discover the charming island community of Sitka Alaska on Baranof Island.
Hidden deep within the spruce and hemlock rainforest that covers Baranof Island a diverse array of wildlife can be found. Take a hike and search for the American bald eagle and Sitka’s black-tailed deer, or visit the Fortress of the Bear and marvel at the wild beauty of the brown bear in an exhibit that replicates their natural habitat.

Home to the magnificent humpback whale, sea lions, sea otters, and swarming with seabird rookeries; Sitka is also abundant with marine wildlife. Nature lovers will appreciate the ocean-going charters and tours that provide an extraordinary opportunity to view some of the world’s most spectacular sea creatures. For the experience of a life time attend the Sitka Whalefest in November and celebrate Sitka’s marine life with special activities and seminars hosted by renowned marine biologists.

Nestled amongst the unparalleled natural splendor, Sitka boasts twenty-four attractions listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Learn about the ancestral home of the Kiksadi Tlingit Indians and delve into the rich heritage in the local museums housing rare archives and artifacts.

Take a guided tour of the grand historic Bishop’s House and be transported to the Russian colonial era. Walk the site of the 1804 battlefield at Sitka National Historical Park or study the brightly painted totems along the coastal Totem Trail. Stop by the Southeast Cultural Center’s native arts workshop, and chat with woodcarvers, jewellery makers and other gifted artisans.

For the most spectacular views take a Seaplane tour and see fantastic geological wonders such as the gaping crater of Mt. Edgecumbe. Set off in search of excitement in a world class kayaking, ocean rafting, diving, snorkelling or underwater exploration adventure.

Experience legendary fishing and challenge yourself to reel in some of the world’s largest salmon and halibut at the popular Sitka Salmon Derby, which awards cash and prizes each year. Tee off at Sea Mountain Golf Course and enjoy views of stunning Mount Edgecumbe, and Harbor Mountain towering in the background.

Whether you come for the stunning panorama and rich wildlife, to uncover the complex history or to simply immerse yourself in the rich culture and exciting activities, Sitka has it all.

Come to Sitka Alaska and discover for yourself why it has been described as the “place to escape the urban jungle and find peace. A place to reconnect. A place where you can remember who you really are.”

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