How Sleeping Children Around the World Delivers Hope and Joy through a Good Night’s Sleep

Tripping over a child sleeping on the road sparked the beginning of Sleeping Children Around the World.

Understanding the importance of sleep, Murray and Margaret Dryden, parents of hockey goalies Ken and Dave Dryden, dedicated the rest of their lives to giving the gift of sleep, joy and hope to children in need around the world.

The first-ever Sleeping Children “bedkit” was created. That was 45 years ago.

Each bedkit provides bedding, a mosquito net, clothing, school supplies and footwear.

Today, the charity has distributed more than 1.4 million bedkits in more than 30 countries. The charity has raised more than $40 million for bedkits, which currently cost only $35.00 each. Sleeping Children Around the World is highly regarded as one of the best examples of a 100 per cent designated charity in Canada. Administration costs are covered by interest generated by a legacy fund created by Murray Dryden.

“My parents started a charity out of pure compassion not realizing its far reaching global impact,” says Dave Dryden, Chair of Sleeping Children Around the World. “Today, my parents would be so proud of all the children we are helping, and equally proud of the thousands of Sleeping Children volunteers who have come to be as passionate as they were.”

The charity works with overseas partners to select the children and source all bed kit materials. This makes a positive socioeconomic impact in the local area.

Volunteers pay their own way to help with distributions. They come from all over Canada and the world and are led by senior Sleeping Children volunteers who have been on many distributions over the years.

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