Visit beautiful and peaceful Southwestern Manitoba where you’ll be amazed by all the wonderful scenery and unspoiled natural areas that are intertwined well with cultured communities throughout the region.

A great place to visit to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Take a relaxing stroll through the lovely parks, catch “The Big One” at one of our many lakes and rivers or go on your own golf tour with over 40 courses to choose from. Have you ever seen a bison, hawk or a fox outside of the zoo? You can see these animals and many more in their natural habitats here in Southwestern Manitoba due to the number of preserved wildlife management areas.

Not just for individuals! Also a great destination for family road trips with numerous fun and engaging attractions and events to experience.

Take a look back in time by visiting the many museums or art galleries in the area. Catch a great community fair or festival and see or do something you may never have done before. Create a memory that will last a lifetime. Step “outside of the box” and see why we are known as Friendly Manitoba with our welcoming atmosphere and pleasant service. More than just a “prairie” escape, so don’t forget to bring your camera, because not only will you want to catch some great family moments that will occur as you escape to Southwestern Manitoba but you’ll be able to capture some breathtaking sights that you never expected to see!

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