Stuck At The Airport?

Coverme® Travel Insurance from Manulife has got Survival Skills for the Whole Family

At the best of times your visit to the airport can turn you into a walking ball of stress — let alone if your flight has been delayed.

While you can lower the odds of experiencing delays by scheduling your travels during times when airports aren’t so busy and by taking fewer connecting flights, most of the time delays are unavoidable.

The best course of action is to plan for worst. Here are some ideas: Keep the kids occupied. Make sure to include child-friendly distractions in your carry-on, just in case: books, games, electronic devices like an iPad, a deck of cards, and snacks. With free airport Wi-Fi, Netflix could be your saviour. If you find yourself empty-handed you can see if there’s an airport bookstore or check with the airline. They may have colouring books and crayons or other activities for kids. You can also ask them for blankets and pillows so the kids can sleep through as much of the delay as possible.

Pack your own necessities and diversions. Make sure you have all your necessities in your carry-on, like medication, snacks, and overnight necessities in the event of an overnight delay. Keep yourself entertained with reading material, music, podcasts, and any chargers you may need to keep your devices running.

Get to know the airport. Do a little research or ask staff and see if there’s anything fun to do there.

Ask the airline for help. For extra-long delays, ask the airline what they can do to help out, including overnight accommodations and meals. If they don’t provide anything right away, check the airline’s policies to see if you can request reimbursement later.

Get excited. If you’re on your way to your destination, a delay can be a good time to look ahead. Go over your itinerary and study important times or dates.

Brush up on your destination’s native language. Consider sights you might want to see but hadn’t planned on seeing.

Rebook electronically. Using your laptop or smartphone to rebook flights, may be faster than getting in line with everyone else. Speed is especially important if you have kids and want to make sure the whole family is sitting together.

CoverMe® has a wide range of affordable and flexible travel insurance coverage to help protect you and your family, and give you the freedom to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Not only will we help protect you in the event of unexpected medical expenses, our 24/7 Assistance Centre makes everything from trip planning to guidance through the claims process a breeze. For all your needs, we’re with you every step of the way.

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