The Queen of Country; Reba McEntire

The Queen of Country; Reba McEntire Heads up the 54th Academy of Country Music Awards By Lisa Lee & Taylor Payne There are really not a lot of things that Reba McEntire hasn’t done in iconic career, but co-starring with a 40-year-old 100-pound tortoise wearing his own tiny cowboy hat may just be [...]

The Meaning of Home: The Scott Brothers Join Habitat For Humanity

The Meaning of Home THE SCOTT BROTHERS JOIN HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Few memories evoke a sense of nostalgia quite like those of your childhood home. Warm, welcoming, and inviting, this was a place where you always felt safe and secure. As adults we strive to give our kids the carefree upbringing they deserve. [...]


MICHAEL JORDAN & MAKE-A-WISH THE IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE 30 YEARS OF TRANSFORMING LIVES, ONE WISH AT A TIME In the next hour, more than three children will be diagnosed with a critical illness. With every one of these diagnoses, a family finds itself in a lonely, helpless, scary moment in time. Parents are [...]

Kevin Bacon & Sixdegrees

WE ARE ALL CONNECTEDJoin The Movement to Harness Kindness and Create ChangeWhen the trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon became a trend over two decades ago, there was no way of predicting it would one day inspire an entire movement. The game, which required players to link celebrities to Kevin in as few [...]

No Laughing Matter

No Laughing Matter Amy Poehler and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation Over the years, actress and comedian Amy Poehler has certainly worn many hats. Beyond her hilarious on-screen performances, Amy has delighted fans as a writer, director, even as a DJ. While much of her professional career has focused on comedy, her commitment to [...]

Empowering Students Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Empowering Students Today for a Brighter Tomorrow Founded by Matthew and Camila McConaughey in 201_, the *just keep livin Foundation(JKL) is dedicated to empowering high school students by providing them with the tools to lead active lives and make healthy choices. Implementing after school fitness and wellness programs at inner-city high schools across the [...]

GEORGE CLOONEY & THE SENTRY INVESTIGATE WAR ECONOMIES GEORGE CLOONEY & THE SENTRY INVESTIGATE WAR ECONOMIES For those of us living in peaceful, democratic countries, it’s nearly impossible to fathom an existence rooted in instability, fear, and extreme violence. Unfortunately, over the past two decades, this has been the reality for millions of people living in East and Central Africa. [...]

Ted Danson Save The Oceans, Feed The World Ted Danson Save The Oceans, Feed The World In 1982, Ted Danson landed his breakthrough role as Sam Malone, the charming bartender on the hit TV series Cheers. Since then, Danson has gone on to appear in many popular movies and TV shows including, CSI: Crime Scene Investigations and the cult favourite, [...]

Eva’s Heroes – Enriching the Lives of Individuals with Intellectual Special Needs Eva’s Heroes - Enriching the Lives of Individuals with Intellectual Special NeedsMany of us first fell in love with Eva Longoria during her portrayal of Gabrielle Solis on the hit TV series Desperate Housewives. Since then the star has gone on to produce, direct and appear in many popular movies and TV shows. [...]

Stories That Move – The Redford Center Stories That Move - The Redford Center CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH FILM For over a decade The Redford Center has harnessed the power of film to enlighten audiences about some of the most pressing social and environmental concerns of our time. Believing that awareness is the first step towards action, Robert Redford [...]

Strike Out Modern Slavery Strike Out Modern Slavery POLARIS AMBASSADORS MAX & ERICA SCHERZER Strengthening the Safety Net for Survivors of Human Trafficking Now entering his 9th season in the big leagues, sports fans around the world have come to recognize Max Scherzer as one of the best Startling Pitchers in Major League Baseball. While this Washington [...]

MindUp – Helping Children Thrive in Learning & in Life

HELPING CHILDREN THRIVE IN LEARNING & IN LIFE Today our children grow up in a world very different than the one we experienced in our youth. From an early age they are forced to navigate a fast-paced lifestyle where they are overscheduled, overextended and overwhelmed. Grappling with unattainable expectations of perfectionism, there is an enormous amount of pressure [...]

Building a better world – Clinton Foundation Building a better world - Clinton Foundation After leaving the White House in 2001, President Clinton began working to address issues he cared about and where he felt he could still have an impact as a private citizen. Today, the Clinton Foundation is a results-oriented nonprofit with 1,300 staff and volunteers in 50 [...]

The Gary Sinise Foundation

The Gary Sinise Foundation Serving Our Nation by Honoring Our Heroes Freedom and security are two of the greatest gifts that can be bestowed on a nation. They are the cornerstones on which we raise our flag and the pillars of everything we hold dear. However, these privileges come at a cost. [...]

Inspiring People to Act – Matt Damon Inspiring People to Act - Matt Damon Co-Founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, is an innovator in delivering safe water and sanitation across the globe. We focus on pioneering solutions that can solve the water crisis. Our Vision: Universal access to safe water and [...]

Bring Change to Mind

Ending the stigma around mental illness The Close family believes in the power of stories. This is why in 2009, Glenn Close, her sister, Jessie Close, and her nephew, Calen Pick, made the decision to share their story with the world — to help end the stigma and discrimination around mental illness [...]

Wild Aid

A GIANT STEP Forward For Endangered Elephants and Rhinos As the goodwill ambassadors of the animal kingdom, elephants and rhinos have generated hundreds of millions of tourist dollars for African economies. Despite being instrumental to the funding of education and development in these nations, in recent years these magnificent creatures have been poached [...]

Unicef – The Children Of Syria, A Generation At Risk

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom. Best known for his portrayal of Legolas in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchises, for over a decade Orlando Bloom has entertained audiences with his Hollywood heroics. However, when this award-winning actor isn’t fighting the battle of good and evil on the silver screen, [...]