Less than two hours north of New York City, come and discover the prehistoric wonders of Schoharie County. Deep within the shadows of Howe and Secret Caverns you will find mysterious formations creeping with stalactites and stalagmites.

For an intimate view of ancient calcite formations, descend 103 steps to the shadowy concrete walkway of Secret Caverns. Formed some 38,000 years ago, follow a tour guide through a half mile of underground passageways beneath the beautiful hills of central New York. Marvel at the spectacular 100 foot underground waterfall, or examine the fossils of prehistoric sea life in the upper layers of the Coeymans Limestone.

Discovered in 1842 by a very observant cow named Millicent and her owner Lester Howe, discover what adventures lurk deep within Howe Caverns. Shuttled 156 feet below the Earth’s surface to the cool, humid base of Howe Caverns, you will discover a prehistoric grotto six million years in the making. To fully appreciate the astounding geology of this incredible natural wonder, navigate through the caverns passages alongside a specially trained tour guide who can tell you more about the magnificent limestone formations and deposits of golden calcite.

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