The Favored Atlantic Beach Destination for Generations

The authentic “coastal experience” features waters of crystalline purity bordering sandy, sparkling beaches. Offering activities from dining on “fresh from the docks” seafood and exploring historic haunts in a 300-year-old town to enjoying 85 miles of silken shoreline and diving in the No. 1 dive destination in North America, the Crystal Coast provides an active and engaging getaway.  

Along the beaches of the Southern Outer Banks, oceanfront mansions and quaint cottages dot the coastline. Emerald Isle, North Carolina is a hidden gem with returning guests intent to keep the town — with no chain hotels or resorts — a secret. Known locally as “sand castles,” the opulent homes provide spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and Bogue Sound, with spacious decks for poolside parties, lavishly decorated interiors, home theater rooms, hot tubs and multiple elevators.

With the natural abundance of spectacularly shimmering waters, it is no coincidence that boating plays a vital role in vacations to the Crystal Coast. Seafarers visiting the area voyage to all of the areas of the Crystal Coast, as many islands are only accessible by boat. From Shackleford Banks and Portsmouth Island to the smaller but equally captivating locales, the barrier islands of the Crystal Coast are literally a boat ride away.

For a relaxing retreat, visitors choose from the unspoiled deserted beaches of Cape Lookout National Seashore, to the Bogue Banks, more popularly known as Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. Emerald Isle’s reputation as a “Family Beach” is well deserved and continues year after year to lure families looking for a peaceful ocean holiday to remember.

Dangling like a delicate strand of pearls off the coast of North Carolina, the favored Atlantic beach destination of generations represents one of the only remaining natural barrier island systems in the World. The Islands are strung together with 85 miles of silken coastline along the southern Outer Banks, 56 miles of which are in the protected Cape Lookout National Seashore. Miles of shimmering water reflects countless tiny suns during the day and shatters the moon into a thousand pieces at night. Lush maritime forests edge the silken coast like emerald jewels studding a royal crown. The barrier islands take a curious southward curve, blessing the Crystal Coast with beaches that course east and west making it possible to admire the dazzlingly bright sun rise to greet the day and then slip into the shimmering translucent blue waters in the evening during a spectacular North Carolina sunset.

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