Conceived in the High Arctic, the Pillowpacker® inflatable travel pillow was invented by travelers for travelers. We invented these unique travel pillows to fulfill our desire to make a packable yet luxuriously comfortable travel pillow that would replicate the comforts of home in any travel setting, either in transit or at the destination.

Our customers love our pillows because they are customizable to their individual travel sleep needs. Their testimonials confirm that “they won’t leave home without them” and many find them so comfortable they even sleep on them at home!

After a year of design, refinement and testing, we launched the Pillowpacker® inflatable travel pillow in 2010 — the perfect balance between packability and size. Our pillow is one-of-a-kind, offering supreme comfort in a personal pillow you can take anywhere. Its unique design makes it different from its competitors in so many ways. What makes the Pillowpacker® inflatable travel pillow unique is its contoured inner
inflatable core, which with just a few breaths provides customizable neck and head support. The inner core is nestled in a choice of the finest quality fill materials, either ultra-pure goose or duck down or hypoallergenic microfibre. Each pillow comes with a 100% cotton home-style pillowcase and a stuff sack.

To use, just inflate the Pillowpacker® inflatable travel pillow to give you the size and firmness you want. The inflatable insert lets you control just how firm, soft or big you want your pillow to be. When you aren’t using your pillow, simply let the air out and pack it in its rugged nylon stuff sack.

Pillowpacker® inflatable travel pillows are manufactured in North America using only the finest quality materials. Each pillow is packed and shipped with care personally by us.

When you travel don’t leave comfort to chance. Rest assured wherever you roam, with a Pillowpacker® Pillow it’s like sleeping at home!