The Town of Faro is tucked away in a mountainous setting in the Tintina Valley, in the overwhelming wilderness of the Campbell Region between the Hess Mountains and the Pelly Mountains, in the Central-South Eastern Region of the Yukon.

A tranquil place where visitors and prospective residents alike find a warm welcome and old-fashioned hospitality.  Its abundance of clear blue lakes, mountain ranges, winding rivers and lush green valleys make the Faro Region a year-round playground for the outdoor sports enthusiast.

Whether you like to spot and photograph the abundance of wildlife that can be found around the Town of Faro and the surrounding area or whether you like to enjoy the excitement of activities such as hiking, biking or canoeing, Faro is a great place to experience what the Yukon is all about.

At the height of summer, the sun does not set. This natural phenomenon makes late night fishing one of those great advantages of the region. You will effortlessly find a private fishing spot at one of our rivers or lakes. Fishing is a popular winter activity as well. The frozen lakes are ideal destinations for a day of ice fishing in a fairytale winter setting. Fishing here is something else!

Don’t miss the Annual Crane & Sheep Festival and one of North America’s most spectacular migrations of the Sandhill Cranes!

Faro will echo with the trilling chorus of thousands of these amazing birds. On the second weekend in May, the Sandhill Cranes are on their way to nesting grounds in western Alaska and North-eastern Siberia.

Visitors can see the birds funnel through the Yukon’s “Birdlock of Sandhill Cranes Highway” also known as the Tintina Trench. It is exciting to watch as they swoop, soar and ride thermals right over the Town of Faro. It is also an ideal opportunity for visitors to view Faro’s unique Fannin’s sheep on the mountain slopes.

The festival is a weekend full of learning, sharing a passion for cranes and sheep and good times. The Town of Faro sponsors many presentations, workshops and guided tours led by experts.

You don’t want to miss this event!