Trafalgar Tours

Perfect Balance

Trafalgar’s new At Leisure vacations offer the ideal combination of freedom and insightful guidance to create the ultimate European travel experience.

You’re an independent spirit. You want to be free to discover the real Europe – the people, places and traditions that reveal the true character of a country. But you don’t want to waste precious time negotiating the pitfalls of foreign travel.

Now you can have it all – the freedom to explore on your own, the deeper insights into the nature of each destination provided by knowledgeable professionals, as well as the guidance of an experienced Tour Director to smooth the way for you. It’s this satisfying balance of elements that make Trafalgar’s At Leisure vacations such an exciting and welcome innovation.

An important part of that balance is the substantial free time Trafalgar has built into every At Leisure itinerary. Depending on which one you choose, it can amount to as much as half of your total time on vacation. To add to this freedom of choice, a complimentary hop on/hop off sightseeing ticket is included for you to use as you wish in a major city on your trip.

Another thing you’ll love about At Leisure is the longer stays, with 2-3 nights on average and sometimes as many as six nights in one place. On Flavours of Italy, for example, you’ll enjoy two nights in Rome, three nights in Venice and a four-night stay in Florence.

You can unpack, unwind and take in the local scene like never before.

On all 15 At Leisure vacations, you’ll find a similar focus on authentic local discoveries and, as always, the Tour Director’s intimate knowledge of Europe is central to this. These friendly professionals will show you the hidden places and arrange special activities that most of us would never get to do on our own. Walking tours that take you off the tourist trail, visits to local specialty workshops, and exclusive Be My Guest dining experiences at the private homes of local families are some of the special treats that await you on an At Leisure vacation with Trafalgar.

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