Try A Better Way To Fly

Nonstop from North America to the South Pacific for an unrivaled experience.

What if we told you that you could begin your vacation with rest and relaxation the moment that you stepped on-board? You can sit, back, relax and actually enjoy a flight if you choose Air New Zealand.

Because Air New Zealand, doesn’t just take you from A to B, they’re always looking for new ways to make the experience of flying even better. It’s just one of the reasons they’ve been voted airline of the year, for the last three years. Air New Zealand really is a better way to fly.

New Zealanders see the world a little differently to everyone else. It’s a unique point of view that comes from growing up on an island nation with a genuine curiosity and desire to challenge the status quo. Kiwis pride themselves on their can-do attitude. So, it makes sense that in the same way New Zealand is no ordinary place, Air New Zealand is no ordinary airline. It’s cultural identity and values provide the clues to your in-flight experience.

Jump on from five North American gateways — Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and Honolulu. The network includes 50 other cities and 15 countries.

Its luxurious premium cabins are designed with long-haul flights like Vancouver to Auckland in mind. Sumptuous Business Premier offers leather armchairs that recline into fully lie-flat beds 6’, 7.5” long. And for the most comfortable sleep, a thick memory foam mattress, cozy duvet and two full-size pillows. In the Premium Economy Class, the seats are perfectly designed for space and comfort. The leg rest extends so that the natural recline is quite sleep-inducing.

In Economy, something completely fresh and ideal for singles, couples traveling together or for young families. It’s the Economy Skycouch™ — a trio of three seats that together create a flat, flexible space — with plenty of room to stretch out and relax, or give the kids a place to play and nap.

Keeping guests cozy and comfortable also means delivering great meals at 30,000 feet. Air New Zealand’s delicious menus are designed by chef Peter Gordon, featuring fresh, flavorful dishes paired with renowned New Zealand wines, selected twice yearly by a panel of respected judges. If a traveler still manages to be hungry, he or she can order a free snack or drink directly from their touch screen, which also boasts 1800+ hours of entertainment. Finally, there’s the personal aspect of flying. This is where the Kiwi sensibility — friendly, but not straight-laced — shines through. No stuffy, standard-fare on-board safety videos here. Instead, sports stars, super models and even Hobbits make their safety videos truly memorable. It’s an example of the way the airline balances luxury and humor — miles high in the sky. Air New Zealand is constantly renewing and reinventing…

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