Whether borne out of ingenuity or necessity, Winston-Salem has a rich history of reinventing itself making it a North Carolina vacation destination full of new adventures to explore and sights to enjoy.

Perhaps one of the most poignant examples of WinstonSalem’s transformative spirit is the meteoric rise in popularity of the Yadkin Valley wine region. The barren fields of the once flourishing tobacco plantations are now perfect and fertile hosts for growing grapes. This area, located just 30 minutes from downtown WinstonSalem, now boasts more than 1.4 million acres of pristine, rolling hills annually producing more than half a million gallons of wine.

This re-inventive energy flows into the resurgence of downtown Winston-Salem. Now, like a phoenix from the ashes, its urban vibe strikes a perfect blend of frontporch Victorian charm with an edgy and avant-garde emanating from its burgeoning Arts District. And on any given evening café tables are filled with diners sipping wine and craft-brewed beers and cinemas, theatres and galleries are brimming with patrons.

Even many popular visitor attractions bespeak Winston-Salem’s metamorphosis. The once private family estates of turn-of-the-20th-century tobacco and textile barons Reynolds and Hanes are now nationally acclaimed art museums that house permanent collections, impressive traveling art exhibits as well as a glimpse into the aristocratic life in Winston-Salem’s roaring 20’s heydays.

Whether it’s an inaugural or repeat visit to WinstonSalem it’s readily apparent how this sophisticated southern city is able to hold authentic claim to its moniker as the city of arts and innovation.

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