It was the summer of 1969 when The Moorings story first began. Born from an immense passion for sailing and a slim fleet of six yachts in the British Virgin Islands, they were one of the first charter companies to offer this one-of-a-kind vacation option. Five decades later, their unique on-the-water culture continues to capture the hearts of charter guests from all across the globe.

With a variety of vacation options available, from sailboats, to power catamarans and all-inclusive luxury yachts, The Moorings makes chartering easy for travelers of all kinds, regardless of their level of boating experience. Take the helm yourself, hire a licensed Skipper, or indulge in the ultimate carefree vacation with dedicated captain and personal gourmet chef.

Guests can choose from a selection of over 20 of the world’s top travel destinations, from the Caribbean, to the Mediterranean, South Pacific, and more — each offering their own unique vacation experience.

A yacht charter allows you the freedom to follow your own island-hopping schedule, in the company of your friends and family, aboard your own private cruising platform. It’s a personalized vacation in paradise, in its purest form.

Leave ordinary vacations behind, and discover the immersive travel experience you’ve been searching for. A yacht charter vacation will show you and your loved ones how to live in the moment — one nautical mile at a time.